We offer the following services at Vade Hydropure.

Borehole Survey

At Vade Hydropure Solutions, we provide comprehensive borehole survey services to our clients. We use the latest technology and equipment to carry out geophysical surveys to determine the depth, yield, and quality of water in a particular area. Our team of experts analyzes the data collected to provide our clients with accurate information on the viability of a borehole project.

Environmental Impact Assessment

We understand the importance of protecting the environment, and that is why we offer environmental impact assessment services to our clients. Our team of experts assesses the potential impact of a project on the environment and develops measures to mitigate any negative impact.

Borehole Drilling and Flushing

At Vade Hydropure Solutions, we provide borehole drilling and flushing services to our clients. We use modern equipment and technology to drill boreholes of different depths and diameters. Our team of experts also carries out flushing to remove any debris or blockages that may hinder the flow of water.

Test Pumping

We conduct test pumping to determine the yield and quality of water in a borehole. Our team of experts uses modern equipment to pump water from a borehole at different rates to determine the sustainable yield of the borehole.

Pump Installation and Maintenance

We provide pump installation and maintenance services to our clients. We install different types of pumps, including electric, solar, and hybrid pumps, depending on the client's needs. We also provide regular maintenance services to ensure that the pumps operate efficiently.

Water Tank Structures

We provide water tank structures services to our clients. We specialize in the installation of steel tanks of different sizes and capacities. We ensure that the tanks are installed in a safe and secure manner to prevent any accidents or damages.

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